Hello world. And why we travel

Hello everyone, I’m Juan and this is my first post… Currently based in China, i been traveling for around 6 years, mostly Asia and Europe. For so long time i been considering the idea of opening a traveling blog. Now thinking about it i wonder why i didn’t do it earlier, as i love reading and writing, photography, and  i’m constantly traveling, so it fits many of my expertise areas… but enough with this, you can check my “about me” page here , which i will update more properly later on.


Lets see some reasons:

  • Know myself.
  • Learn new languages and cultures.
  • Eat amazing dishes.
  • Shopping cheap or exclusive stuff i cant find in my hometown.
  • Do something new/ break the routine.

Well in the end is all much more easier than we think, we travel for having fun. Yes, having fun impacts directly if we liked that city we just visited. This also applies for studying abroad, or going to new city for that new job you just accepted. Might seem like a no brainer, but its actually quite important.

Visiting a place and doing what the guide tells you, or what your friend recommends you might be a good first step, but every person have a different concept of whats having fun.

To illustrate this just an example: two different persons that have just visited the exact same city, at the exact same time, and did pretty much the same things. If one of them had great fun, and the other hated the place and felt awkward. The will have opposite opinions about the place… this actually have happened to me before… :).

So when someone ask me for a traveling advice, i almost always tell them the same, less planning and have more fun!. ( Yeah they look me funny, but actually is the best advice ever :-)).

Have fun on my blog.



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