Hello everyone, i am Paul, the travel blogger and a photography enthusiast running this little blog. I been traveling on and off for about 7 years, now based in China. It’s been only recently that i decided to start writing and blogging. During this years i been mostly traveling around central, south east Asia and Europe as well. I’m fluent in English, Spanish and Chinese. I also love swimming, hitchhiking, Photography and any kind of adventure i can come across :). It would be hard for me to say which country is my favorite, as this changes from time to time. I could say that so far my favorite cities in Europe are Barcelona, Prague and Paris. In Asia perhaps Bangkok, Tokyo and best beaches in Philippines. My favorite food is Thai, and Western Chinese food…mm, spicy anyone? :). I hope to fill soon this blog with interesting insight and pictures. For any questions, suggestions or complaints you can contact me here. Cheers!. Paul Follow