Free Lightroom preset of the month – Alien green

So I am going to start a series of monthly give-away of my favorite Lightroom PRO presets. I believe in free sharing so this will be free to download, of course. Only I ask back for you to share/comment this article or just click Like if it was useful to you, it will also motivate me to keep posting more monthly presets.

Moreover this is a nice exercise to help me clear the dust of some nice Lightroom presets that I haven’t used in a long-while and I had almost forgotten.

Free Lightroom preset of the month – July 2016 – Alien green

This preset make’s the green pop nicely, maybe even too much, if it’s the case and the green is too bright I would reduce the global saturation a bit or push up the vibrance bar. Moreover, it applies a generous global sharpness + clarity. And also lowers the vibrance of every other color in the image. I think is an interesting preset that works well instantly in some certain images, not so well in other images where magenta is present. Also keep an eye on white balance.

Example #1

Free Lightroom preset of the month

Working great as a detail enhancer. I can feel the green popping already :).

What this preset does:

  • Decrease Vibrance dramatically.
  • Increase Clarity dramatically.
  • Split toning the shadows for balance.
  • Major Sharpening.
  • Tweak the camera calibration.

Example #2

Free Lightroom preset of the month

Still working nicely even the green is the main color in all the image.

On what images work’s best:

  • Making pop a detail of green.
  • De-saturated Black/white photographs with a strong green.
  • You want to make the image really pop.

Example #3

Free Lightroom preset

Example number 3. Huangshan mountain, China. An amazing place best hiking in China.


before vs after lightroom preset

It doesn’t work all too well on human skin, so this is something to consider when applying this preset.

before vs after, free lightroom preset

This preset works well here, making everything pop.

before vs after lightroom preset

Here the green is not much more than a detail, but I like how it works enhancing the cavity on the front.

Example that doesn’t work:

Free lightroom preset for download

An example of this preset not working well. Here with two kinds of green it doesn’t do the trick as intended and the magenta looks weird.


  • Check the white balance.
  • It will not work for every single image.
  • Being a green enhancer look for those nicely green images.


You can download the preset clicking here. Opens in a Pop-up, no need to Unzip, just click to Download through your browser. Enjoy :).

PS: Learn how to install Lightroom presets by clicking here.

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