Best paella in Shanghai

Shanghai has some good Spanish restaurants that include paella in their menu. Arguably the best paella in Shanghai is served in El Willy restaurant, located in front of the Bund. At this time i had the opportunity to try a traditional Spanish paella with rabbit meat. I have eaten paella hundreds of times, so I […]

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What to do in Huangshan city

Huangshan city (Tunxi) in Anhui Province in China. It’s a town of minor interest but it makes a good base for exploring the area including the much more famous Huangshan Scenic Area. Tunxi has self adopted the name Huangshan City in the hopes of attracting tourism. However it also creates confusion because it gets confused […]

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Best hiking in China: Huangshan mountain ultimate guide

I recently been traveling at Huangshan mountain (Anhui province). Huangshan has been the star and the highlight of my 10-day trip which also included Hangzhou, Wuzhen and Shanghai. Huangshan scenic area is awesome and surpassed my wildest dreams, a trip that I will remember for the many years to come. Huangshan means Yellow mountain in […]

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Wuzhen-water-town guide

Wuzhen water town. 40 amazing photos

Wuzhen is the perfect side-trip from Hangzhou or Shanghai, not too far from these cities. I visited Wuzhen from Hangzhou and it just took me a few hours by bus to reach the place. Wuzhen is an historical town with thousands of years of history. The particularity of this town is that a river big […]

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West lake, the best park in China

Hangzhou West lake is to China, what New York’s Central park is to the USA. The most iconic park of the country. West lake is a huge fresh water park in the heart of Hangzhou city center (East China). The park inspired poets and authors of many generations and influenced garden designing in Japan and […]

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Around Patong beach, plenty of nice places to explore and discover.

Top 5 affordable hotels in Patong

Patong beach is the most famous beach resort at the island of Phuket. Patong hotels are many and cheap. Affordable luxury is the norm here. 4 star hotels that resemble 5 star resorts, true bargains to be found. Patong is night-life epicenter of Phuket, Bangla road being the center of it all. Bangla offers plenty […]

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Chinese lantern festival. Photo-essay

Lantern Festival is the first major festival after the Chinese new year. This year i had to opportunity to visit the culture street of Tianjin, China, during the lanter  festival night. The most important activity is to watch the wonderful Chinese lanterns, admire the full moon and to eat traditional snacks. All in all the […]

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Top 30 Bangkok hotels

Bangkok truly deserves the honor of being the capital of Asia. Because the number of tourist attractions, culture sites, entertainment venues, high quality services and how friendly and laid-back the Thai people are. Not only Bangkok hotels are luxurious and cheap also the hotel offering is one of the best I have seen anywhere in […]

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