144-hour visa-free for China . How to get it

144-hour visa-free for China got implemented last January 2016. It aims to promote tourism and it just requires you to have an / ticket. Many cities in China already have a 72 hour free visa policy (see updated list below), so this comes as a nice addition. This 144 hour version works for 3 provinces […]

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China visa guide

China Visa: A complete guide and FAQ

On recent years China visa laws have changed greatly. Not only nation-wide, but also provincial-specific changes. It’s hard for everyone, and understandably so. Also recently, the law has been enforced more and is generally harder to get a Visa for China. On top of that the simple 30 day L tourist visa remains too expensive, […]

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Chinese lantern festival. Photo-essay

Lantern Festival is the first major festival after the Chinese new year. This year i had to opportunity to visit the culture street of Tianjin, China, during the lanter  festival night. The most important activity is to watch the wonderful Chinese lanterns, admire the full moon and to eat traditional snacks. All in all the […]

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Shangri-la, Stunning scenery of a mythical town

Shangri-la once was a fictional place. A mythical Buddhist monastery lost in the Himalayas, stronghold of wisdom and happiness, where it’s inhabitants didn’t age. This was a novel Created by British writer James Hilton in his 1933, “lost horizons”. After that in 1937 the Frank Capra’s film based on the novel ended popularizing the Shangri-la […]

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