Yala park, beautiful safari in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country that fascinate me so much. It was probably one of the best surprises i had while traveling in all my life. And for many reasons, like having eight UNESCO world heritage landmarks in such small area, the exceptional warmth of its people, the culture shock, their rich colonial heritage… But, […]

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Red panda in Chengdu

I took this photos at Chengdu, in the Giant Panda Breeding Research Center. Apart from the big fluffy black and white Giant Panda there is also another type, the “Red Panda”, which actually was my favorite sight there. They look like Raccoon’s and roam freely in a confined space within the park which try to emulate their natural habitat, this space can […]

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72 hour Visa free transit at China

This type of visa basically, allows a visitor on transit to another country with the proper documents and tickets to visit the entry city for the given 72 hour visa-free. Now 72 hour is not a lot, sure, but it might be an alternative for some with the proper planning, that don’t want to hassle with the […]

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Beijing subway maps and tips

Otherwise known as MRT, easily the most convenient way of transportation in Beijing. Taking a taxi is probably faster, but sometimes is quite difficult to get one when you need it, and there’s the language barrier also. For me using subway is the way of getting around i recommend. But bear in mind Beijing city is […]

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Mutianyu great wall

Best section of the Great Wall of China

Determine which is the best section of the Great Wall of China to visit might seem a bit difficult at first. The wall stretches over 23000 km with various ramifications. In reality only the 30% of the wall remain standing. And of those, some parts of the wall can be accessed and some not. Typically the […]

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Hello world. And why we travel

Hello everyone, I’m Juan and this is my first post… Currently based in China, i been traveling for around 6 years, mostly Asia and Europe. For so long time i been considering the idea of opening a traveling blog. Now thinking about it i wonder why i didn’t do it earlier, as i love reading and writing, photography, […]

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